MJW Scholarship


Congratulations to 2019 scholarship recipients Jack Jones and Brenna Gibbons!

Matt Wittig was a sophomore at UW-Madison and a member of the Wisconsin Cycling team when he passed away in May 2005. Today, we race in his honor.

The Matthew James Wittig scholarship is a monetary award given to a member (or members) of the Wisconsin Cycling program every year.  The monetary award helps students to achieve their goals on and off the bike.  It is also an opportunity for current students to learn from alumni, teammates and Matt’s family and friends about the person behind this scholarship.  While Matt left us too soon, this scholarship is a reminder of his spirit and passion.

Like Matt, the scholarship has many unique characteristics:

  1. The Matthew J. Wittig scholarship is the only Club Sport scholarship in U.S.
  2. The scholarship fund has continued to grow through the thoughtful and kind donations to the fund throught the UW Foundation.
  3. The scholarship is open to full-time undergrads in good standing with the UW Cycling program. Applying for the scholarship is simple: the only requirement is an essay explaining the applicant’s passion for cycling, teamwork and community.
  4. The scholarship is awarded each spring to a growing number of students (as the fund grows, so does the number of annual recipients!). It provides an unrestricted monetary award of $500.
  5. Matt’s friends and family are part of the scholarship review committee and the award presentation.

Previous Winners

2006- Mary Coats
2007- Charlie Brummitt, Maija DiSalvo
2008- Dana DeMet, Ted Durkee
2009- Jason Carr, Jessie Duppler
2010- Jon Cook, Marie Hoffman
2011- Mollie Overby, Sasha Horn, Lindsey Durst
2012- Sam Dries, Jero Bean
2016- Elliott Moorman
2017- Erik Beckman

2023- Thomas Chaltry, Anica Graney, Elizabeth Yray, Tadeb Shakur

The Champions Creed

Found printed out and hanging prominently in Matt’s dorm room.

A. Never underestimate your opponent.
B. Work on your weaknesses until they become your strong points.
C. Remember that a great effort usually the result of a great attitude.
D. Dedicate yourself to a mighty purpose.
E. Win with humility, lose with grace.
F. Ignore those who discourage you.
G. Work to improve your moral and spiritual strengths as well as your physical ones.
H. Remember that how you conduct yourself off the field is just as important as how you conduct yourself on the field.
I. Talent is god-given – be humble.
Fame is man-given – be thankful.
Conceit is self-given – be careful.
J. Don’t as to be deprived of tension and discipline – these are the tools that shape success.
K. Do what has to be done,
when it has to be done
and as well as it can be done
L. Remember that when you’re not working to improve your competition is.
M. Always give your best.
N. Practice like a champion.
O. Play like a champion.
P. Live like a champion.

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