Special Feature: Who is CHEETOLUVR ENTICER?

You’ve seen the Cheetos, the dabs, the Strava challenges, and the relentless clowning – but who is this “cheetoluvr” character, and why can’t you take your eyes off him? Between his unconventional “bike racer” persona and impressive prowess in the peloton, it’s tough to deny that Andrew Einspanier’s story is enticing to say the least.

Staple wildcard of this year’s 7-man University of Wisconsin A’s team, Andrew wasn’t always riding the front of the races. Like all of us, Andrew climbed through the ranks, put in the work, and learned from those around him. Unlike most of us, he just decided to make the jump from the tail end of the C’s races to riding the breakaway of the MWCCC’s notorious A’s races in a cool 8 months.

“I began approaching things with a “get it done” attitude. Instead of accepting things as they were, I decided to focus on what I could do to take action”

This week’s UW Cycling spring break trip in North Carolina presents an opportunity for the Enticer to reflect on what was, what is, and what’s next.

“Last spring break was difficult. I rode with the casual-paced group most of the week until the final day, where I was challenged to go in way over my head”

Those of you who follow Cheetoluvr Enticer know how he generally responds to challenges. Andrew was challenged by a teammate to ride backside Wayah and 711 – two of the hardest climbs in the area – in a single ride. That was all it took for Andrew to begin to push his limits, and he found himself holding his own with the club’s elite-level racers.

“Rob still owes me an 8-piece Tailgate Special® from Bojangles”

That was then. 12 months, 3 race categories, 370 memes, 18,250 dabs, and an incalculable number of HTFU moments later, Andrew can safely be dubbed as “on the come up”. Racing and training with riders years more experienced, Andrew has approached the process with a growth mindset, a tenacious work ethic, and perhaps the gooniest character collegiate cycling has seen in years.

“I refuse to take myself seriously unless absolutely necessary”

So, about this Cheetoluvr Enticer thing:

“It’s basically just a stream of things I think are funny and other people think are ridiculous”

Cheetoluvr elaborated:


At the end of the day, it isn’t about the challenges, the 7am breakdances, or any other content on the Cheetoluvr page that UW Cycling cannot legally endorse. It’s about reminding people a few things that are important to cycling, particularly at the collegiate level:

  • You don’t have to be a serious hard-ass to be a good bike racer. Smile and say hello.
  • You can get really fast, really quickly with the right attitude
  • Clowning around pays off

So what’s next?

“I’ve got a few lofty goals in mind. I want to bring everything I can to the table for my team at collegiate nationals in Grand Junction. I never thought I’d be there a year ago. I’d also like to get a challenge from a WorldTour rider. I will complete, he will follow”

Keep up with the Andrew and the rest of the UW Cycling team on Instagram @cheetoluvr_enticer and @wisconsincycling.